Friday, February 5, 2021

Okay Everybody, Stay Calm. But We're Pulling a Baltimore Colts

Keep calm and carry on, mates.

But I am in the middle of major changes. The backstory goes like this -

Last fall I launched Faraday Sports Marketing. An attempt to leverage my experience and relationships in sports into building websites and doing social media development and consultation. I built three websites before Amanda and I went to Ireland. When we got back from Ireland, sports just like...kinda stopped.

The domain has languished for the last year. Instead of letting the domain expire, I've decided to move this blog to that domain name and consolidate this blog and the upcoming (and hopefully growing) Comc page that will (again, hopefully) fund a personal collection rebuild.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Stumbled Across Pack-Pulled Mike Trout & Bryce Harper Pre-Rookies


I decided to cheat a little bit on the $50 challenge. I decided to go through the books of cards I've gotten in the last few years to put together a modern shipment for Comc. In my minor league book, I just so happened to run across a couple really interesting cards.

These 4 cards are the big hits from some packs of 2018 Panini Stars & Stripes and 2011 Topps Heritage minor leagues. During the 2010's I would just grab some cheap packs of cards at Target just to scratch the "I want to open cards" itch.

Out of the 2018 Stars & Stripes cards, I hit a bunch of autos and relics. The Masyn Winn is listing at about $40.  I also pulled a Logan Forsythe & Petey Halpin auto that I haven't found a price on. But the Halpin is a x/10, so I think there might be some money in there.

Now, the Heritage was awesome. Looking back, there are a couple of nice cards in there. A Mike Fltynewicz relic, Christian Yelich and Nolan Arenado base. And a couple of the Baseball America cards.  But 4 really jumped out at me.  This Jesus Montero black border and a Matt Harvey Baseball America base both are $10 cards. But the Bryce, which is crisp as hospital sheets I think could be a BGS 9 and rate at about $30.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The $50 Collection Challenge

 I was inspired by a YouTube video series that I stumbled into the other day. The series featured a person's quest to build an "impressive" video game collection with just $10. The idea is that you start with $10, flip for profits until you can afford to keep some of your favorites, and continue to buy & flip with the fund you originally funded with the tenner.

I mean, yeah, a lot of people have done it. Why in my 42 years traversing the solar system I never considered doing it myself is a mystery that will be unsolved.

I decided to give myself a $50 challenge.  I have some cards sitting around, I bought a bunch of packs of random goodies over the last three years, and my mom saved a very random assortment of cards from my youth (I found a 1989 Star Vancouver Canadians card in the 50ct box as I remember). 

Last night I started the challenge. I'm going to be working pretty exclusively through eBay for the time being to stock my collection, and using Comc for the sales.  Eventually, I would like to build enough of a collection and reputation within the community to start sales & fulfillment myself.  If only to give myself a reason to build a website.

Now, let's take a look at what we're starting with...

Monday, January 4, 2021

MLB Look Back: San Francisco Giants' Greatest Hits


The third team in our "Best of the Bigs" uniform series is the San Francisco Giants. The Giants are one of the few teams in baseball to not feel the need to have blue or red as part of their imaging (Oakland moved away from blue & red when they left Shibe and moved west to Kansas City). Orange and black are one of my favorite uniform color combinations, and the Giants have done it very well for a very long time.